About Charipto

First ever fully decentralized smart contract platform for helping people. Once you donate, you will automatically placed in the platform to receive help from other donors.

All donations received and paid will be directly received and paid back to your decentralized wallet (TRON LINK) in the form of TRON.

All the donors are placed under the same proposer who introduced you to this platform.

Proposer is the person who introduced you to this platform & Beneficiary is the person who already donated. All the beneficiaries are placed in a binary format as shown below. Once you give donation you will automatically become eligible to receive donations from 2 other donors.

Donations paid received are distributed as follows:-

1st donation – 50% to proposer & 50% to your immediate beneficiary.

2nd donation – 50 to proposer & 50% to your next beneficiary & so on upto your 64th donation.

When you donate for the 1st time you will receive from 2 donors

When you donate for the 2nd time you will receive from 4 donors and so on upto 64 times you will give and get donations as shown below :

How It Works?

You need to first donate 100 TRON (approx. 7 USD) to register and become a subscriber at Charipto. When you register, you will be placed under a sponsor who will be linked with you. Similarly, when someone else registers under you, you become their sponsor. Here, let’s say C registers under B, hence B became C’s sponsor.

How Does Sponsor Earn?

When you register with a donation of 100 TRON under a sponsor, they receive 50% of that donation i.e. 50 TRON. This way each sponsor earns 50% of the amount donated by those under them. Here, when C donates 100 TRON , 50 TRON is transferred to B as their sponsor benefits.

How Does Referrer Earn?

You can also refer and earn with Charipto. As a referrer, you get 50% of the amount donated by the one you referred. So suppose one of C’s friend “A” referred them to charipto, they too will earn 50% of the total amount donated by C, in this case it is 50 TRON. If the sponsor and referrer of C is the same then they will get 100% of C’s donation.


You can earn by sponsoring and referring new members to Charipto. However, if the ones you sponsor and refer increase their level before you, you will miss all the earnings from there on until you upgrade your level. Hence, it is best if you keep upgrading your level as fast as possible.

Charipto recent activity

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